Stay Photo-Ready With Microblading Services

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Thin brows had their time. Now, thick, full eyebrows are in vogue. Create the illusion of full brows with microblading. On Point Beauty LLC offers microblading services in Binghamton, NY and the surrounding area. Our technician will customize your shape and tint based on your desired style.

In addition to microblading your eyebrows, we'll also use semi-permanent pigment to create beauty marks. Call today to schedule your appointment.

Learn more about our microblading procedure

The microblading procedure is similar to tattooing. A licensed technician will use a specialized tool that adds semi-permanent pigment to your brows. Unlike traditional methods, microblading creates hair strokes that look realistic, as opposed to just tinting your brows.

The pigment we use is made of iron oxide. Depending on your skin type, activity and beauty routine, the results can last up to three years. For best results, we suggest avoiding:

  • Exfoliating your brow area
  • Tweezing or threading your brows
  • Using facial creams that have salicylic acid

Your technician will explain in further detail what you need to do before and after your microblading procedure.

If you need microblading services, call now to schedule your consultation. You can find our salon inside a wellness center in Binghamton, NY.