Stop Wasting Time With Traditional Shaving Methods

See the difference with professional waxing services in Binghamton, NY

Traditional shaving methods can ruin your skin-creating razor bumps and scars. Remove hair the safe way with professional waxing services. On Point Beauty LLC offers hard wax and soft wax methods.

Not sure what the difference is? Soft wax removes hair on larger areas of the body using a strip of paper and thin wax. Hard wax is thicker and removes hair without using a strip. This method is ideal for smaller, more sensitive areas of the body.

Prepare for your vacation or upcoming event with waxing services. Call now to schedule your appointment in Binghamton, NY.

Say goodbye to unwanted body hair

Put the razor away and look into different methods of hair removal. We're proud to offer a wide variety of waxing services, like:

  • Brazilian waxes
  • Back waxes
  • Eyebrow waxes
  • Arm and armpit waxes
  • Upper lip waxes
  • Leg waxes

We'll make sure to provide before and after care tips so you can reap optimal results.

If you need waxing services in Binghamton, NY or the surrounding area, call now to schedule your appointment.